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Stove Season

Stove season advertising campaign

As autumn approaches we are working hard developing our new website and we are well on the way to launching our new advertising campaign, for the forthcoming Stove season.

We have all been working hard on our newly constructed website with thanks to our friends at Twentyone (website design and developers).

This has been a lot of work for all our team, compiling text, information and photographs. A special thanks to Brett Meikle our photographer, Karen Stoddart for (burning the midnight oil) organising everybody and also to Joe Egan for his specialist knowledge, input and enthusiasm for his work. Not to forget……… our customers for their glowing testimonials and our suppliers, Merritt & Fryers and ESSE stoves.

We are proud to say that the jobs to on this site are our own work and will hopefully give you a good insight into what we can do, how we do it and the way we constantly strive for the satisfaction for all of our customers, all of the time.

Aspire Magazine - Look out for us in the autumn/winter editions of Aspire magazine, delivered to 27,000 homes in North and West Yorkshire. It’s packed with interesting home and style editorials as well as our lovely advert (again, that’s one of our installations in the photo). Look out for our editorial in the January edition.

Stray FM - The boss is currently in talks with Stray fm, working on an advert for the airwaves. Let’s hope the jingle’s not too cheesy! Listen out for us and we’ll see you when you need us…

Also - Find us on your doorstep, The Craven Herald and our old favourite, Yellow Pages.