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Home and Hearth Exhibition 2014

Home and Hearth Exhibition 2014

One of the hottest days of the year so far and Dave and Joe couldn’t get enough of the heat. They headed to Harrogate for the Home and Hearth exhibition where they had never seen so many working stoves in one building and were nearly overcome with the heat.

The event is widely recognised as Europe’s leading showcase for the fireplace industry. It comprehensively covered every product including gas, electric and multi fuel appliances and fire surrounds. It also focused on new products, technology, materials and innovation.

The exhibition was only open to trade and was represented by exhibitors from as far away as China and Europe. They saw lots of different stoves, ranges and fireplaces in action and asked lots of technical questions to the manufacturers and suppliers. They gained valuable insight into the quality and value of different appliances, adding to their existing wealth of knowledge.