Biomass Heating System

Biomass Heating System

What is a biomass heating System?

Biomass systems burn either wood pellet, wood chip or logs to generate heat to meet the demands of your home. The fuel delivery system can be fully automated and therefore no more hassle to use than a conventional gas or oil fired heating system.

Why choose a Biomass Boiler?

Our customers often have different reasons for choosing to move on to biomass. Depending on your current energy source you could easily benefit financially by making the switch. Some people are able to use a reliable source of wood on their land or by making an arrangement with someone with a surplus of wood. Others see it as a way of future proofing their heating needs in a world with a fragile and finite supply of fossil fuels and sometimes it's simply a case of trying to reduce their carbon footprint. this helpful video can help you when considering a biomass project.

What can a biomass boiler do for you?

  • Biomass boilers save you money by eliminating or reducing your dependency on gas, oil or electricity for heating and hot water, all of which are becoming increasingly expensive year on year.
  • Biomass can reduce your carbon footprint as it is classed as a carbon neutral fuel.
  • Biomass is a renewable and sustainable fuel source.
  • Biomass boilers usually qualify for the renewable heat incentive which can earn you money just for heating your home with a renewable heat source.

How it works - Wood Pellet Boiler in Action…

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